"Botox" is a common name for what we refer to as Neuromodulators which are derived from botulinum toxin. Over time, repeated muscle contractions with facial expressions like smiling or frowning creates lines and wrinkles in our skin. Neuromodulators are a safe and non-invasive treatment to reduce the lines of expression resulting in a fresh and more youthful appearance!

The Neuromodulator acts by reducing the strength of the muscle contraction in turn softening the lines and wrinkles that appear with movement of the face. Botox can be used both to treat existing lines of expression as well as preventing them by reducing the muscle contraction before the lines form. 


Before Treatment

1)Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior
2)Avoid Aspirin or other non-steroidal anti inflammatories
3)Never stop taking prescription medication without consulting your healthcare provider
4)Avoid sunburns before treatment

During Treatment

1)Each appointment starts with a consultation to review your health history and goals for treatment
2)We will explain the procedure and treatment plan best suited for you.
3)Consent will be obtained by our Nurse Practitioner
4)Your skin will be cleansed and we will inject various
areas of the face with the Neuromodulator.
5)Procedure will take approximately 20 minutes.
6)People usually experience minimal or no discomfort

After Treatment

1)For 24 hours avoid saunas/ hot tubs, strenuous exercise, alcohol, blood thinners, or anti-inflammatory medications
2)You may experience brusing, redness or discomfort or
itching at the injection sites.
3)For the next 4 hours avoid laying down or bending
over or rubbing your face.
4)We recommend a follow up appointment 2 weeks
after procedure for potential dose adjustments.

Our Promise to You: Each and every visit will leave you feeling pampered, confident and empowered!

Our Promise to You: Each and every visit will leave you feeling pampered, confident and empowered!